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eCalligraphy is the innovative, simple and very effective online learning program for Arabic calligraphy (برنامج تعلم الخط العربي عبر الانترنت), developed by Ars Studio Avsenik in a collaboration with a well-known master of Arabic calligraphy Khalifa El Shimy.


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What do you get, if you decide to purchase complete access to eCalligraphy?

  • online Arabic calligraphy program
  • Arabic alphabet in the Arabic calligraphic style
  • calligraphic variations of letters
  • strokes, proportions, pronunciations
  • video animations
  • word examples
  • additional materials
  • free updates!

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Watch this minute short video guide that will teach you how to use the eCalligraphy -

the innovative online learning program for Arabic calligraphy (الخط العربي).



eCalligraphy ensures entertaining and independent way of learning Arabic calligraphy (الخط العربي).

You can learn Arabic calligraphy (الخط العربي) wherever and whenever you want to!


Online Arabic calligraphy course is important to society because it keeps the preservation of the Arabic writing, alphabet and Islamic heritage.



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