What do you get?

a) FREE demo eCalligraphy program:
  • 1 letter of Arabic alphabeth in calligraphic style Thuluth
  • strokes, proportions, variations (isolated, initial, medial, final)
  • animation, words examples, sound of pronunciation

b) FULL eCalligraphy program - basic level (payable):
  • Arabic alphabet in the Arabic calligraphic style
  • variations of each letter (isolated, initial, medial, final)
  • strokes, proportions and animation of each letter
  • letter's pronunciation with a sound
  • word examples' pronunciations (with a sound)
  • additional materials (rules, specialties, dots positions, similarity, differentiation)
  • FREE updates!


eCalligraphy has many advantages:


It is an innovative, simple and very effective online learning program for Arabic calligraphy. It ensures entertaining and independent way of studying Arabic calligraphy. It's teaching yourself Arabic letters by yourself and on your own. You can study Arabic alphabet wherever and whenever you want to. With eCalligraphy Arabic calligraphy is available for everyone at an affordable price. 

eCalligraphy gives you lectures about Arabic calligraphy in modern animations, a "never seen before" animated way of learning Arabic calligraphy.
eCalligraphy is important to society because it keeps the preservation of the Arabic alphabet and Islamic heritage, feeds and develops your artistic point of view in Arabic fonts, improves literacy for Arabs and non-Arabs, and last but not least it promotes and introduces Arabic language, Arabic letters, Arabic alphabet and handwriting.

Innovative online learning program eCalligraphy is ideal to be shared as a personal gift, a business award, a promotional material.

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