About Khalifa El Shimy


• Mr. Khalifa El Shimy is a well – known Egyptian artist and calligrapher, who's living in United Arab Emirates for over 3 decades.


• He has studied architecture and he is passionate about Arabic and Islamic art, ornamentation and calligraphy.


• Khalifa El Shimy studied Arabic calligraphy in Istanbul in Turkey at the hand of great masters of calligraphy, such as Sheikh Hassan Jalabi and Fuad Bashar


• Two scholars, who were in turn students of the late Hamid Al Amidi, gave Khalifa El Shimy a licence (Ijaza) in Thuluth and Naskh scripts.


• Sheikh Hassan Jalabi gave him another licence (Ijaza) in Diwani, Diwani Jali, Riqa and Tughra. 


• Khalifa El Shimy participated in a number of local and international conferences to promote preserving Arabic calligraphy as a great cultural heritage.


• He organized several personal exhibitions and also participated in a joint exhibition 'Echo of the Words 2' together with Slovenian artist Martin Avsenik and company Ars Studio Avsenik in DUCTAC, Dubai.


• He organized several workshops and participated with his work and knowledge in developing the innovative online learning program for Arabic calligraphy, called eCalligraphy, in a collaboration and on the iniciative of the Slovenian company Ars Studio Avsenik.


• He prepared and presented a program of teaching Arabic calligraphy for Huda TV in English and for Majd TV in Arabic for three years.

• He is a designer of special fonts and ornaments for the computer companies, also for several logos for governmental institutions, conferences, universities, banks, companies and festivals.

• Calligrapher El Shimy was granted the honor of contributing to writing the interpreted Holly Quraan in Arabic calligraphy; this work lasted for three years and was displayed on TV channels of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt and others. 


• He was honoured to write Quranic verses at Al-Nour Mosque in Sharjah, Sheikh Rashid Al Qasimi Mosque in Sharjah, Mosque of the Palace of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, Al Qasba Mosque in Sharjah, Al Majaz Park Mosque in Sharjah, Ahmad Ibn Hanbal Mosque in Sharjah, and a Mosque in Ramlah, Sharjah.


• He is a member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, Syndicate for Arabic Calligraphy in Egypt, the Egyptian Association of Arabic calligraphy, Mohamed Ibrahim Society for Arabic calligraphy in Alexandria, National Gallery in London, The Washington Gallery of Modern Art, Leipzig Group of Plastic Astists, Germany Federal and is an honorary member of Lions Club, Germany.


• He worked as a lecturer/collaborator for 2 years at the College of Fine Arts and Design in Sharjah. He held the same position for 6 years in the Colege of Engineering and Design at the American University of Sharjah.


• Nowadays, Mr. Khalifa El Shimy is working as a professional artist and designer for the Government of Sharjah.


• In March 2014 Mr. Khalifa El Shimy has published his book Echo Of Words.

Khalifa El Shimy