eCalligraphy Animations

Our highly creative audio-visual team is specialized in Arabic Calligraphy Animations!

Imagine calligraphic paintings, arabesques, Qur'an verses and proverbs, famous saying, lyrics from poets, company's 3D logotypes, stories from writers and much more, being presented in the most unique design and in artistic way as an animated calligraphy.

What eCalligraphy team offers you?

We provide the whole solution:
- from creating the idea of calligraphy animations based on your requirements,
- scenario,
- translation from English into Arabic (if required),
- transcription in the desired calligraphy style,
- e-transformation of calligraphic letters,
- production of AV visualizations,
- preparing musical content (if required)
- to finalizing each project with the animation

The calligraphy animation can be displayed and presented on different medias (such as computer screen, photo-frame, home cinema screen, Projection Glass, hologram, Tv, mobile phone, etc.) at different occasions.

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