eCalligraphy Magic Cup

eCalligraphy Magic Cups are ceramical cups in black colour. Each Magic Cup carries a sign on itself. That sign can be your name, arabesque, a verse and other general words in Arabic calligraphy.

The magic is in the unseen word written on the cup, until you pure hot water, tea or coffee or any other hot drink inside the cup.
The high temperature causes a physical reaction and turns the dark surface into white, the consequence of which is the disclosure of a word written in Arabic calligraphy by our master of Arabic calligraphy, Khalifa El Shimy.

Check the video and see where's the Magic! :)

Would you like to drink your hot drink from a eCalligraphy Magic Cup?

The price for this unique, custom made eCalligraphy Magic Cup with personalized design is 28€ (without VAT) plus postage. We ship worldwide, to your home!

Choose the word (your name, general word, short proverb, verse from Quran)
then choose Arabic calligraphy style (Thuluth, Naskh, Diwani, Diwani Jali, Riqaa and Tughra).
and send your inquiry via

The eCalligraphy Magic Cup is uniquely made for you ND packed in a uniquely designed gift box with a special personalized note from eCalligraphy team and sent to you via post-mail.