eCalligraphy Names

Each individual, no matter where he or she lives, has a name for identificaiton.
A personal name is given to each at birth by the parents, that's why we cherish it even more.
Names can be written in different Alphabets such as: Armenian, Cyrilic, Georgian, Chinese, Greek, Latin and Arabic, and many more.

Arabic calligraphy, which uses Arabic alphabet, offers different calligraphic styles. 6 main styles of Arabic calligraphy are: Thuluth, Deewani, Kufi, Naskh, Riqa and Taliq.
Wouldn't it be nice to have your name written in Arabic calligraphy? We can make this happen! 

Send us your inquiry* via with your name written in Arabic and/or in Latin alphabeth and choose the style of Arabic calligraphy (Thuluth, Deewani, Naskh, Riqa and Taliq). 

Our well-known calligrapher and artist Mr. Khalifa El Shimy, who has several ejazas in Arabic calligraphy, will write your name in Arabic calligraphy and our eCalligraphy team will convert it to nicely designed e-form in high resolution, suitable for digital printing, and send the file back to you via e-mail. 

* Curious about the pricing? Since each name is indivual and also the design of it, so is the price. Prices are available upon your requirement via