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Sometimes we give away some generous discounts to our new eCalligraphy students! Check out our Discounts news from time to time below and don't miss a chance for a good deal!


How to purchase and use a discount?

Register, Log in and find your way to our eCalligraphy online shop (click Buy eCalligraphy Access - look above!), choose your style and level (basic Thuluth available), make an order and finish with the payment via user-friendly Paypal system or directly with your own credit card!



(Published: 3rd March)

Prices lowered for 50%!


Yes, it's true. This is not a promotional discount, this is a permanent decision to lower our prices for the online learning program for Arabic calligraphy, all for the purposes to make eCalligraphy available to wider crowd of students who want to learn more about the beauty of Arabic handwriting. Check our Announcement in the News section.





(Published: 1st December)

White Friday and Cyber Monday promotion is OFF!


Well, hope you managed to use a discount coupon for 45% off at purchasing full access to an online learning program for Arabic calligraphy. The coupon was only valid from White Friday until midnight of Cyber Monday, that is from 27th up to 30th of November. If you missed the biggest promotion of the year, we wish you better luck next time or go to, take 3 minutes of your spare time and solve our eCalligraphy survey (let us know where we're doing it wrong, if so :D ). You'll get a reward for it! 


(Published: 27th November)

White Friday and Cyber Monday promotion is ON - 45% OFF!


A big White Friday and Cyber Monday promotion is on now! From today Friday 27th up to midnight on Monday 30th! After registering and logging in the program, go to "Buy e-Calligraphy Access" (find it on top of the page), choose a validation period for 2, 6, 12 or 24 months and just enter a discount coupon WF45CM45 below in a white box. The price may increase after choosing the period, because of the VAT - Value Added Tax (which depends from which country you are, mostly Europe).

Click "I agree, continue to payment" and do the payment via user-friendly "Paypal system" or click on "Check out as a quest" to pay with a credit or ebit card. Congratulations for becoming our new eCalligraphy student!


(Published: 24th November)

Solve eCalligraphy survey and et 20% discount!


Go to, solve our eCalligraphy survey in next 3 minutes and let us know, how you like online learning program for Arabic calligraphy and also let us know, where can we improve it, if needed.

As a thank you for your effort, you will receive an email with a discount code of 20% off for your next purchase for access to eCalligraphy program.


(Published: 2nd April 2015; Updated: 16th April)

Spring Promotion 2015


A big Spring Promotion 2015 has started today and is now extended to 30th of April will be finished on 16th of April. But what most important is, we've reduced eCalligraphy Access prices from 40% and up to 70%!


You can purchase eCalligraphy access to the online learning program for:

* 2 months (price reduced for 70% -> now just 11.4 € / 12.3 $ per month)

* 6 months (price reduced for 60% -> now just 5.96 € / 6.4 $ per month)

* 1 year (price reduced for 50% -> now just 4.43 € / 4.77 $ per month)

* 2 years (price reduced for 40% -> now just 3.07 € / 3.3 $ per month)


In the purchase procedure prices are reduced automatically, so there is no need for you to enter any coupon code (coupons are not active nor valid in time of Spring promotion).


If having problems purchasing, read more info on or contact us via


(Published: 9th February 2015)

Last day for Snow-Discount!


It's the last day of our snow-discount campaign! The snow blanket is now melting and so is the snow-discount.
The official height of the snow cover in Ljubljana is now 18 cm (official data on

So, grab a last chance for a great deal on by using a discount coupon 02SNOW18 for 18% off at purchasing eCalligraphy, the innovative online program for Arabic calligraphy!




(Published: 8th February 2015)

Use a coupon 01SNOW25 for a great deal!

No new snow today, so for the 3rd day of our campaign, the coupon for 25% of discount at purchasing eCalligraphy, the innovative online program for Arabic calligraphy, is still valid. Use 01SNOW25 and get a great deal on!



(Published: 7th February 2015)

Coupon still Valid! 01SNOW25!

Unfortunately no fresh snow last night, so we're keeping the same coupon code for 25% discount still valid. Use 01SNOW25 on and start learning the beauty of Arabic calligraphy on your own with a little help of the innovative online learning program, eCalligraphy!




(Published: 6th February 2015)

Coupon: 01SNOW25!


Well, in the past night Ljubljana got only 1 cm of a fresh snow. So much about the forcasted Snowmageddon!

But the gross thickness of the snow blanket in the last week is 25cm. As promised, we're giving you a coupon for 25% discount at purchasing eCalligraphy online learning program on
Coupon -->> 01SNOW25 (valid until tomorrow)
Check the Snow proof on official website for weather forecast in Slovenia:




(Published: 5th February 2015)



From Friday 6th February till Monday 9th February we will give to all of you a coupon with so called snow-discount for purchasing eCalligraphy, online learning program.

The snow-discount will be different each day since it depends of the thickness of the snow blanket measured in Cms in Ljubljana.


The coupons will be published on our Facebook page and our website in this section News - Discounts!

Don't miss your chance for a great eCalligraphy deal and to become our new successful eCalligraphy student!


eCalligraphy team



(Published: 6th January 2015)

eCalligraphy 25% OFF!


Now's the right time to start learning how to write Arabic calligraphy with the help of online learning program eCalligraphy! As we all make some new year's resolution, here's an idea: do something good for yourself, learn, gains skills and preserve this rich heritage of Arabic art of handwriting.

Start today by purchasing eCalligraphy full access, the simple and effective online program, developed in collaboration with a well-known Arabic calligrapher Khalifa El Shimy!


As we would like to give you some small New year's gift, please, use a promotional coupon 2SN12C25 to get 25% off discount when purchasing access to eCalligraphy. This promotion is valid only until 12th of January.

You can define on your own, wheter you'd like to study and learn Arabic calligraphy for 2, 6, 12 or 24 months! Wishing you a lot of practice, patience and success! 


Update on 13th January - this promotion is now over since 12th of January at midnight.


(Published: 29th November 2014)

Black Friday 45% Off Sale is finished


eCalligraphy is nov available at its regular price as it always has been. The international Black Friday (online) shopping holiday is over.



(Published: 28th November 2014)

Black Friday Sale 45% Happening NOW!


Purchase eCalligraphy acces for 2, 6, 12, or 24 months for 45% reduced price! Available only Today, on 28th of November!

For more info how to purchase eCalligraphy access to the online learning program for the Arabic calligraphy, please visit or drop us a few lines via, we will response asap!


(Published: 27th November 2014)

It's only a day away - Black Friday!


Black Friday is one sleep away! Before you decide to purchase the eCalligraphy access to the online learning program for Arabic calligraphy, we recommend you to register with a valid email, log in to try a free demo and pop up on back tomorrow for a Black Friday, the 28th of November, to get eCalligraphy access for the price worth of not to miss it!

We're going down with the prices for 45 % of #BlackFriday discount!

Activated on 28th of November, from midnight to midnight! :)



(Published 26th Npovember 2014)

Black Friday 2014 is on it's way!



(Published 18th May 2014, updated 3rd June 2014)

Sign up in May - it's worth of it!

Why so? Well as you know, everyone who decides to purchase full access to eCalligraphy program, get 8% off from the full price.

But that's not all! All of you who will register for a free demo (available for 8 days) from 18th until 31st May, will via email receive an additional discount in the amount of 15%!

Overall, you can reduce your eCalligraphy price for 8+15 %! Quite tempting, wouldn't you say so? Maybe now is a good time to start learning how to write in Arabic calligraphy!

Note: This promotion has been finished on 31st of May 2014!


(Published 7th May 2014)

No special promotions at the moment

Unfortunately, you've missed your chance to reduce your eCalligraphy price. For now only a Spring discount is available. Spring discount, which is 8% off the full price, is automatically calculated when completing purchasing process. To reduce your price, register for a free demo, sign up for our newsletters and you'll just might receive an invitation to survey. Responses on surveys are usually rewarded with a nice amount of a discount. Good luck!

(Published: 28th April 2014)

Special ADIBF promotional announcement!


As you already now, the eCalligraphy team from the Ars Studio Avsenik company will attend this year's 24th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which will be held from 30th April to 5th of May in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre.

During the time of the ADIBF all of our visitors who will drop by our stand B32 in the Hall 8 and all of you who will register for a free demo of eCalligraphy from 30th April to 5th May will receive in person (at the book fair) or via email (don't forget to leave a valid email while you sign up for a free demo!) a special promotional code that will activate an additional 20% of discount at purchasing eCalligraphy full access to Thuluth style.

The code will be valid only until your free demo trial expires (8 days from registration)!

Last but not least, this is a 6-days long chance to reduce your price for the eCalligraphy, the online learning program for Arabic calligraphy, for 8% + 20%! Don't miss it!

(Published: 26th March 2014)

New eCalligraphy Promotion for new eCalligraphy Demo Users!


Since we're done with "eCally Fridays" promotion, we have a new and a nice treat for you! Everyone who will register for a Free eCalligraphy demo with a valid email on from 26th March (Wednesday) until 30th March (this Sunday) and all days in between, will via email receive a Special Promotional Code for a 20% of discount at purchasing online learning program for Arabic calligraphy (no matter, if for 2, 6, 12 or 24 months)! Don't forget, we still have the Spring discount of 8% in running! So, you can reduce your price for 8% + 20%! Bring it on folks -->> Register with a valid email, log in & try the free eCalligraphy demo. Why not, right?


(Published: 20th March 2014)

5-minute survey & a high discount for eCalligraphy purchase!

The main mission of this eCalligraphy survey is to get our customers' feedback. Why?
To make it the best online learning program for Arabic calligraphy! Just for you!


So, do you have 5 minutes? If so, please response and you will receive a promo code for a 30% discount at purchasing eCalligraphy program!
Well, we guess that's a good deal, right?

Thank you for giving us your valuable opinion!

Enter the survey with a click on:

(Published: 10th January 2014)

Arabic eCalligraphy Survey

We are conducting the Arabic eCalligraphy survey, and your response would be very much appreciated. Take less then 5 minutes and reply on our questions. Your help will help us improve the program. 

Here is a link to the survey:
However, the answers are not going to be published, the survey is not compulsory and we will use it only and for the purpose of internal analysis and improvements.
Each of you who will respond to the eCalligraphy survey until 15th of January 2014, will receive via email a special promotional code for 30% of additional discount at purchasing full access to eCalligraphy (including basic discount of 8%). 

Thanks for your participation!

Welcome to eCalligraphy! NOW 50%!